Friday, May 22, 2009

Don't forget the Jamboree!

I just talked to Cindy from Historic Canal and she is REALLY excited about the first annual GS Jamboree set for Sunday May 31st. Cindy has so many great things planned for the event. There will be a bounce house, carnival games, face painting, temporary tatoos and Home Depot will be there with wood crafts. The event entrance fee includes lunch and snacks. There will be popcorn, ice-pops, and cotton candy along with other great treats. The theme of the day is "Girl Power" and Cindy has lined up lots of cool events to show girls that they can do anything. What a great day for scouts and thier families! Feel free to call Cindy for more details about what she has planned!
Jamboree Flyer

Plan of Work Service Unit Meeting

Our last Service Unit Meeting for this school year will be Thursday May 28th, 2009, 7pm at the Lakeville United Methodist Church on Route 590 (Google Map). We will be doing two important things at this meeting. First, we will be creating our plan of work for the 2009-2010 school year. I will provide you will calendars to fill in as we decide what we want to do as a service unit. Bring your personal calendars and any dates from community events that you know of so that we can be best prepared to plan.
The second purpose of this meeting is for us to "treat" ourselves in recognition and appreciation of our volunteers that keep Girl Scouting in the Lakes Area alive and exciting! PLEASE invite your cookie parents, co-leaders, fall product sales volunteers and any other adults who help you in your troop. We will be having a "dessert pot luck". If you have not yet done so... please call Linda Fitzpatrik at 570-698-6911 to let her know what you will be brining.

Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

EXTRA EXTRA Calendars added to blog!

Just a note to those who get notifications about updates to the blog! Check out the bottom of the blog page! Both the Lakes SU and GSHPA Google Calendars have been added! One stop shopping for info of everything you need to know! Check back often to keep up with what is going on!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Powder Puff Derby a HUGE Success!

Well, the first annual Lakes Service Unit was a HUGE SUCCESS! We had 101 racers and over 300 people in attendance! We were a little cramped, and have already began discussing improvements for next year. Overall, the girls had a great time and so did the adults! (Even the hard core dads!) Thanks for helping spread the word and getting the girls excited. I sincerly hope that it gave them a taste for what being part of the larger world of Girl Scouting is all about.
I have uploaded my pics to flickr and will be sending you an invite to join the "Group" so that you can view the pics and add your own. I did it this way so that the pics would be private, just between us. If you don't have a flickr account, it is easy to get one and free, only takes a few minutes.


Next up... the Father Daughter Dance. Please be sure to contact Linda Fitzpatrick if you are interested in attending.

Our next Service Unit meeting is May 28th at the United Methodist Church in Lakeville. This is our "Plan of Work" meeting where we will schedule our events for next year and set meeting dates.

The meeting on May 28th will also be our "Volunteer Appreciation" Potluck Dessert. PLEASE think about the adult volunteers in your troop... Cookie Moms, Co-Leaders, Helpful Dads... etc. Consider bringing them to the meeting with you so that we can recognize and appreciate them as well. I will be contacting you later in the month to check and see who is coming and what desserts you will be bringing...

AND DON'T FORGET THE JAMBOREE! I will forward you a flyer for the Jamboree on May 31st! It promises to be a really fun event that would keep the girls excited about Girl Scouting.
OH and I have your spring registration packets... If you did not pick up your packet from Sunshine at the Derby, I have it here. If you want it before May 28th, let me know and we can arrange a "meet". For those of you who may be attending any of the concerts this week at the Intermediate, Middle or High Schools, I will be there and will have your packets with me... so let me know and we can meet and exchange...

Thanks and great job on getting the girls to the Derby!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Banking Procedures For Cookie Sale

Council has put out a Powerpoint that outlines the banking procedures for this years cookie sale. THE BIG DIFFERENCE is that the ATM cards and deposit booklets that you may have from last year are NO LONGER VALID. They can be destroyed. Council will be sending you a deposit coupon and envelope that you will send them at the end of the sale. Your deposit coupon and envelopes should be coming soon (mailed around Feb 10th). Deposit all cash into your troop accounts. Do not send cash to council. Here is the Powerpoint that outlines the new procedures, in case you still have questions.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Initial Orders Due!

Don't forget! Your initial orders are due in eBudde THIS FRIDAY Feb 6, 2009 at midnight. If you are having any problems with eBudde, or have any questions please contact Patti Duncan as soon as possible so that we can get your orders in on time.

Committee Volunteers Needed

Information fowarded from Grace via email.

Sounds like a great way to get involved and have your opinions heard!

Hello all- at the Think Tank for the Northeast Region for Girl Scouts in the Heart of PA, leaders suggested that a leader retreat be held in late spring, which will include workshops for new and long-term leaders as well as” sharing times” and fun times. I am forming a committee of volunteers to plan and run this weekend retreat. We are having our first committee meeting at the Hazleton Service Center on Wed, Feb 18th at 6:00. If you would like to be a part of this committee please let me know. Thanks,
Debi Dodson
Associate, Membership Services
Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania
426 Airport Rd
12 Beltway Commons
Hazle Township, PA 18202
(570) 501-2604, ext 1417
fax- (570) 501-2325
1-800-692-7816, ext 1417

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Message From Grace...

Hello to all in Lakes Service Unit. I have been reassigned as your membership support staff member. My official title is : Associate, Membership Services. I can be reached at the Olyphant office (307.0601) or at the 800 number (800.692.7816 x 1330). My email is
Your Spring Summer PALs (Program and Adult Learning Guides) are here. If you are in the neighborhood stop in and I will give you a copy. They are also available on the website.

Grace Mielczarek

IMPORTANT information about our GS Cookies and Peanut Butter!

There has been a lot of news about Peanut Butter recalls in the past few days. Little Brownie Baker has sent out a press release that basically says that our cookies are SAFE! So feel free to continue to sell (and eat!) our Do-si-dos and Tagalongs!

Cookies Cookies Cookies!

I KNOW... I have not been good about keeping the blog up to date...
That will change, sorry. What better time to get it going again than COOKIE TIME!? Unfortunately our Cookie Kick-Off Rally was cancelled due to the snow day last Thursday. I have been taking calls from people who have questions about the cookie sale. Please feel free to call me with any questions you may have. Here are a couple of important facts that you should know:
  • We are currently in the "order taking" phase of the sale. Girls can use their order cards to take orders from now until March 21st!
  • On Feb 2nd the INITIAL orders period ends. Whatever cookies the girls have sold by this point should be recorded and entered in to eBudde. Once you record what is sold by each girl by that date GIVE THEM BACK THEIR CARDS! They should continue to take orders!
  • The Pre-Order Incentives are ONLY for those cookies ordered before Feb 2nd. Those cookies also count for the overall recognitions for the entire sale. For example: If a scout sells 250 boxes BY Feb 2nd, then she has earned all of the "Pre-Order Incentives" and is at the 250 boxes level (18" Ellie Stuffed Animal OR $50.00 camp credit and all levels leading up to that) for the overall sale recognitions.
  • Remember that initial orders must be entered into eBudde as whole cases. Be sure to order extra for booth sales (if you plan them) or additional orders that your girls will be taking. Keep in mind though, that you can NOT return product so think carefully about what you order. Feel free to call me for guidance if you need it.
  • The cookies will be delivered during the week of Feb 23rd. As soon as I know the exact date and time I will let you know. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT ANYONE ORDERING COOKIES NOW KNOW THAT THEY WILL NOT BE IN UNTIL THAT 3rd WEEK OF FEBRUARY.
  • Booth sales can not begin until Friday February 27th. All booth sales must be "registered" with me and I will enter the information into eBudde. The council asks this so that people visiting the website can click on the "find a cookie sale" button and find YOU!
  • If you need a Certificate of Insurance for your booth sale, you can request one from the council website.
  • I will be running a Cookie Cupboard from my home. You will be able to get more cookies there from Feb 23rd to Mar 21st. You can pick up cookies from the cupboard in single packages, cases, or mixed cases. You CAN NOT return cookies to the cupboard. As soon as the dates and times of operation are approved I will let you know. You will be getting an email with a "password" that will be used when you come to the cupboard. There are no "Golden Tickets" this year.
  • Please be sure to tell your parents that checks should be made out to your troop. You will be depositing your collected money and making ONE or TWO payments to council from your troop accounts.

I hope that this "blast" has answered many of your questions for this stage of the sale. I will be sure to update the blog several times a week from this point. If you have not already subscribed to it to get update notices, you might want to consider doing so. You will get an email that tells you that I have updated the information and know that you should check it out!

Good luck and happy cookie selling! Imagine if..... !

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Appreciation Dinner... Luau Party... SU Meeting

Some important info from Heidi:

Hello Lakes SU Volunteers!

I just wanted to remind you that the Leader Appreciation Dinner for the service unit is on Thursday evening, August 7. The details have been confirmed:

John’s Italian Restaurant
Route 590 in Hamlin
7 PM

$20/person (you may pay for leader and assistant leaders’ dinners from troop funds)

There will be a few entrée choices available for to choose when we arrive.

Any adult that helps with your troop may attend, so be sure to tell your Fall Product Sale Chairperson, your cookie mom/dad, or any other troop helpers!

Also: there will be a Luau Party on August 20 that will be open to all Lakes SU Girl Scouts and their families. It will be at the Outdoor Sports Complex at The Hideout in Lake Ariel from 4-7 PM. The cost will be $3 per girl and $5 per adult. More information will be provided at the SU meeting.

The SU Halloween Party is scheduled for October 18 at Wallenpaupack High School. More details will follow when they are confirmed.

Thanks to Linda Fitzpatrick and Donna Smith for planning these great events for the service unit! I’ll see you at the Leader Appreciation Dinner on Thursday!

Reminder: the first SU meeting is Thursday, August 14 at 7 PM, Hamlin Library. Fall Product Sale Training is scheduled for this meeting. Julie Metschulat has graciously volunteered to be the SU Fall Product Chairperson. Thanks so much for helping out, it is greatly appreciated!

Thursday, July 31, 2008


Believe it or not... we are already talking about the fall. Our first Service Unit meeting of the new school year will be held on August 14, 2008 at 7pm. The meeting will be held in the community room of the Hamlin Library... looking forward to catching up so come early! We hope to start on time!