Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cookies Cookies Cookies!

I KNOW... I have not been good about keeping the blog up to date...
That will change, sorry. What better time to get it going again than COOKIE TIME!? Unfortunately our Cookie Kick-Off Rally was cancelled due to the snow day last Thursday. I have been taking calls from people who have questions about the cookie sale. Please feel free to call me with any questions you may have. Here are a couple of important facts that you should know:
  • We are currently in the "order taking" phase of the sale. Girls can use their order cards to take orders from now until March 21st!
  • On Feb 2nd the INITIAL orders period ends. Whatever cookies the girls have sold by this point should be recorded and entered in to eBudde. Once you record what is sold by each girl by that date GIVE THEM BACK THEIR CARDS! They should continue to take orders!
  • The Pre-Order Incentives are ONLY for those cookies ordered before Feb 2nd. Those cookies also count for the overall recognitions for the entire sale. For example: If a scout sells 250 boxes BY Feb 2nd, then she has earned all of the "Pre-Order Incentives" and is at the 250 boxes level (18" Ellie Stuffed Animal OR $50.00 camp credit and all levels leading up to that) for the overall sale recognitions.
  • Remember that initial orders must be entered into eBudde as whole cases. Be sure to order extra for booth sales (if you plan them) or additional orders that your girls will be taking. Keep in mind though, that you can NOT return product so think carefully about what you order. Feel free to call me for guidance if you need it.
  • The cookies will be delivered during the week of Feb 23rd. As soon as I know the exact date and time I will let you know. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT ANYONE ORDERING COOKIES NOW KNOW THAT THEY WILL NOT BE IN UNTIL THAT 3rd WEEK OF FEBRUARY.
  • Booth sales can not begin until Friday February 27th. All booth sales must be "registered" with me and I will enter the information into eBudde. The council asks this so that people visiting the website can click on the "find a cookie sale" button and find YOU!
  • If you need a Certificate of Insurance for your booth sale, you can request one from the council website.
  • I will be running a Cookie Cupboard from my home. You will be able to get more cookies there from Feb 23rd to Mar 21st. You can pick up cookies from the cupboard in single packages, cases, or mixed cases. You CAN NOT return cookies to the cupboard. As soon as the dates and times of operation are approved I will let you know. You will be getting an email with a "password" that will be used when you come to the cupboard. There are no "Golden Tickets" this year.
  • Please be sure to tell your parents that checks should be made out to your troop. You will be depositing your collected money and making ONE or TWO payments to council from your troop accounts.

I hope that this "blast" has answered many of your questions for this stage of the sale. I will be sure to update the blog several times a week from this point. If you have not already subscribed to it to get update notices, you might want to consider doing so. You will get an email that tells you that I have updated the information and know that you should check it out!

Good luck and happy cookie selling! Imagine if..... !

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