Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lakes SU Leader Apprecaition Dinner Postponed!

From an email from Heidi:
The Plan of Work for the current year listed the Leader Appreciation Dinner for June 5, but it will not be held on that date. The dinner is in the process of being planned by Linda Fitzpatrick and Donna Smith, and the date will be August 7. You will receive more information when the date, time, and place is confirmed.

Lakes SU Needs QSP Chair!

From an email from Heidi:
The SU is in need of a Fall Product Sale Chair. Leann Hartill is not able to be the chairperson for the coming year, but she will assist the new chairperson as much as she can. Please let me know ASAP if you or any of the parents of girls in your troop might be interested in the position. The FPS Chair will have training on July 22 in Scranton at Elm Park United Methodist Church (between Jefferson Ave., Madison Ave., and Linden St.). It is important that someone takes the position and has the training at that time so the sale can run smoothly in Lakes SU. That person will explain the sale at the August SU meeting on August 14, as the sale will be starting the last week of August (each troop can decide which 2-3 week period they would like to run their sale) and run until mid-October.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Guy and Me Dance

Congrats and Thank yous go out to Linda Fitzpatrick and Donna Smith for the "My Guy and Me Dinner Dance" held on May 18th. The girls and their "dates" had a great time. The room was beautiful and the food was great. The DJ kept the girls on the dance floor. They were even able to get the guys up there a few times! Great job!

FInance Reports!

Finance Reports are due by July 31, 2008. The form is in the Volunteer Resource Guide or online. Make sure to include a copy of your latest bank statement with the report.

Early Bird Registration!

Time to get those registrations in! The deadline is June 14, but it would be great to receive them ASAP. Send completed forms to Heidi at the Scranton Service Center. NO CASH, PLEASE! Checks are payable to GSHPA, it may be a troop check (especially if you receive cast from a parent!) If you did not receive a preprinted from for some individuals in your troop, please email Heidi!

May 15, 2008 Service Unit Meeting

The May Service Unit was held at the North Primary Cafeteria and started at 7pm. After the GS Promise Patti Duncan gave a report from the Annual Meeting and Celebration. The event was held on May 3rd at Bloomsburg Fairgrounds. Patti served as a delegate for our service unit and attended the business meeting. The meeting lasted about an hour. At the meeting there were a lot of reports about the activities of the council committees and realignment commitees. New members to the board and "Board Development Committee" were elected. Delegates to the National GSUSA meeting were also elected. There are a few issues that will come up at the National meeting in October that we will need to discuss in the fall. After the meeting the Celebration was a huge success. There were tons of boothes and fun stuff for the kids to do. Without a doubt, the big hit of the day was the Powder Puff Derby. Our own Heidi and the rest of the membership staff from the Scranton office organized the event and it was great! One of the best parts was to see all of the dads who attended with the girls to participate in the event. Dads everywhere! Carrying pine cars painted pink and covered with glitter and so proud! So cool!

There was also an awesome puppet show and a lot of fun outside stuff to do. EVERYONE should go next year!

Next, Patti and Rita gave an update on the cookie sale. There are a few incentives that are on back order due to problems with things made in China. All other incentives are in and are being distributed.
Heidi reminded everyone that no form is needed for day trips. Just call or email Heidi to give her the details.
Heidi thanked Linda Fitzpatrick and Donna Smith on a very successful Mother/Daughter tea. She reminded everyone that the "Me and My Guy" dinner dance is coming up on May 18th. Contact Linda if you have any questions.
Two upcoming events are the WB/SCR Pioneers game and the SCR/WB Yankees game. See the council website for information and to register. Those attending the Yankees game should line up at 6:15pm for the Scout Parade.
Heidi is still taking nominations for Outstanding Leader and Outstanding Vounteer awards.
Camp registration is open. Several people took camp booklets to help spread them "around town"
Contact Heather Evan, Volunteer Development Manger (570)-501-2604 ext. 1415 for any questions about training. Her email is You can register for training online.
Heidi and Linda Jones reminded everyone to add their emails to your safe list so that email messages do not bounce or go to junk mail. Please update them if your email changes. Both Heidi's and Linda's emails are listed under "Contacts" on the right of the blog.
Next, we worked on the plan of work for next year. We planned four service unit events. A "Songs and Smores" event for November 1st; a "Day of Science" for late January; a "Powder Puff Derby" for March and a "Rally Day" for May. There will be LOTS of things to plan and organize. Hopefully everyone will find SOMETHING to get involved in.
Next meeting: August 14, 2008 at the Salem Libray, Hamlin 7Pm
Enjoy your summer!